Friday, February 14, 2014


I’m trying something new….Cuba Trivia!! Okay, so, does Cuba have elephants??? The answer will come in my next blog but feel free to make guesses!

Sometimes when God opens a door it can be to something pretty cool. Like a new job that’s greatly needed, a new friendship, or lunch with a friend you haven’t seen for a while! Other times, God opens a door to something ABSOLUTELY MIND BLOWING!! Like the door that God recently opened for me!

In early January, after having sent out three fleeces (feelers) to three different Cuba-oriented organizations that I’ve been prayerfully supporting over the years, one returned. It returned in a pretty big way and was from WorldServe Ministries (!  Check out their website to see what they’re about and their ministry focus!

What began with several email ‘conversations’ with WSM, turned into a phone call (Jan. 14, 2014) that included an in-depth discussion about God’s present call on my life for Cuba. I chatted with the Director of Teams and Humanitarian Aid with WSM and he mentioned there would be some upcoming teams training in Calgary that I could sit in on to get a feel of WSM’s vision and ministry and how it all ties into my call. Without hesitation I said, "Yes!"

Our conversation concluded with some homework, that is, my homework that came in the form of reading two books prior to the training that was, at that time, just two and half weeks away: When Helping Hurts by Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert and Ministering Cross-Culturally by Sherwood G. Lingenfelter. If you feel called to be a missionary, in whatever form that might take (ie. Mission trips, pastoring a church, etc.), I would highly recommend these books.

After reading both books, my heart was affirmed with what I had come to already believe about the TRUE meaning of missions. That it’s not about swooping in and taking over. Sure, there are a lot of things that need to be done in needy places but, like the Bible, it really begins with relationship. It’s about empowering those who are poverty stricken, not just materially, but personally and spiritually. A poverty that makes people feel powerless, humiliated, shamed, depressed, and worthless due to their state of material poverty.

Without a doubt, I know that it‘s not about a/some ‘Mission’ Trip(s) for me, it’s about a/some ‘Vision’ Trip(s), my vision which had been God’s vision for Cuba. A/some trip(s) that will get work done, yes, but more importantly is the work that will get done in the heart and soul of a person to change them in powerful ways and for eternity. Change that will bring worth and value to raise people up out of their spiritual poverty so that they can bring themselves out of material poverty!

Change to empower and encourage the indigenous (local) people, to help restore the foundational relationships (relationship with God, with self, with others, and with the rest of creation) so that they become the very people God designed them to be!

February 1, 2014: This is the day I sat in on a teams training session for 2 hours. I can tell you that it was an incredible time of blessing and affirmation. Not only was I entering the right door that God had opened for me but it was also with the right organization for Cuba.

As details unfold, I’ll keep you up to date on the what’s, when’s, and how’s of my progressing call to Cuba!

In the meantime, would you please join me in prayer for the following:

 - Please pray that God would grant me wisdom, guidance, and discernment about the steps to take and how soon to take them in this partnership with WSM. I don’t want to get ahead of God!
- Please pray that God would begin to prepare the hearts of those who will be a part of my calling to Cuba.
           - Please pray that God would continue to prepare my heart and the way before me for Cuba.
      Thank you!!