Monday, June 27, 2016

Foreward. Forward.

It's hard to belive that I haven't written a blog for over 2 years! It's not for lack of content or a boring faith walk.  In all honesty,  the reasons are many from laziness to loneliness, difficulty to discouragement.

Things that stopped me from sharing my ongoing journey that shouldn't have along with excuses and a little bit of fear to share some deeply personal things. However, I have decided to face fear, toe to toe, and refuse to let it hold me back from what I believe God is directing me to do.

That direction being to share my faith journey, the good days along with the difficult. To be real and vulnerable in what I share which can be scary but I'd rather face and push through the scary than have it stop me.

So this debut, well re-debut, blog is a foreward for more that's to come along with a big and scary step forward into a continuing journey that, I hope, will encourage,  uplift and inspire you.

I hope you'll walk with me. I welcome the company and conversation with you along the way.