Monday, February 27, 2017

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"Taste and see that the LORD is good..." 
- Psalm 34:8

**Photography by Melissa Talbot**

If you were told today that you had a month to live, how would you, the tragectory, and purpose of your life change? Would they change? People everywhere, everyday are given a terminal time line and I often wonder what immediately follows this devastating report.

What goes through their mind, heart, soul, and spirit as the moments pass and the countdown begins? Don't get me wrong, I am in no way making light of a life altering situation. The topic is raised only because of my own health concerns and close calls through the years.

Of getting tests performed and then being left to await the results. The days, even weeks, pass before knowing what the tests revealed. Every distraction is utilized and fear, visited.

The person waiting for a reassuring phone call is, instead, met with a brief statement that the doctor wants to see them. I have been there and while my result was delivered and followed by an external sigh of relief, others have not had the same fortune.

So what would you do if the report came back bad? Would you withdraw from society and live out your remaining days in isolation? Or would you swallow hard, ignore the diagnosis and carve out a 'no regret' blowout?

Would you be kinder, more compassionate, and radical in generosity? Would you do all the things you always wanted to do, even if it scared you? Would people take the place of things?

Personally, I would start by getting as little sleep as possible and riding the fastest zip line in the world, screaming the entire time. The adrenaline rush and yelling would, hopefully, release all of the anger and bitterness I know would be coursing through me.

Secondly, priorities and perspectives would change for the better. Life would be looked at differently. I would love as though I had never experienced hurt. I would sing and dance like a fool whenever I felt like it. I would have a celebration of life with everyone I know, share the love of Jesus with as many people as possible, and eat all kinds of cakes along the way.

Jesus, the Son of God, knew exactly when He was going to die. He told people this truth and was met with disbelief and rebuke. That knowledge, however, never halted Him from loving, healing, or teaching radically. He never sought independence or freedom from others and, to this day, is considered by many as the greatest man who ever lived.

Encouragement for the week:

We all have a limited amount of time on Earth. How we live out each day can bring wonderful meaning to ourselves and others.

How would you live out your days if you knew how many remained? What kind of person would you want to be remembered as? What would you do differently today and as the days counted down?

While this might seem morbid to do, I encourage you to see it, instead, as an exercise in self-reflection on a time line and think about the things that would change, how you would change.

If you are a Christian, you know that Christ died so that you would live life in abundance and fullness. Live each day as though it were your last.

If you are not a Christian, you can look for and find Jesus along with the freedom to live out loud and in abundance.

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