Saturday, January 4, 2014

God's Timing

I don't think I've ever been a fan of God's timing. I know I'm not alone in saying that. As believers who have committed our lives to following God, as much as we desire to do so we often find ourselves wanting things to happen now. I've lost count of how many times I've tried to force, cajole, beg, or bargain with God to go along with my timing. It's never happened. That's a good thing. I think.

Hard to believe it's been over two years since I returned from Costa Rica. Even harder to believe is that what I thought to be God's next and immediate assignment for me has taken this long to come to life again. It was the moment I stepped foot onto Canadian soil again, back in late 2011, that the loudest and clearest word to come from God was, "CUBA." 

I was so excited that in preparing the summary presentation of my Costa Rica trip for my home church and supporters, I included my confident next step on my presentation's last slide. It contained several pictures and the word 'Cuba'. That's how sure I was. 

After giving that presentation, I became poised and ready to jump into action again in spite of not knowing what God's next assignment looked like. Little did I know that there was more training, waiting, and patience involved. Waiting and patience are definitely two words that I'm not good at or fond of. 

Nonetheless, in being prepared to go to Costa Rica, it was inevitable that some preparation would have to be done in me and in my life in order to take the next steps God now has in mind for me. As I sit here typing I can see a snapshot of what God did in my life and in me to prepare me for what's coming in this new year.

They say that hindsight is 20/20. I think it's invaluable. That as I continue to seek a deeper and more intimate relationship with the Creator of the universe, there have been some amazing lessons these past two years that I've come away with. Lessons that have opened my eyes even more to the revelation of God Himself. Here is a list of some marked events and lessons/blessings that emerged from each event.

Event (Jan. 2012): One month after returning from Costa Rica, I'm hired full time to work a well paying job in a small oil and gas company. God then called me out of that position in July 2012.
Lesson/Blessing: Through obeying God's call for me to leave my position, He blessed me by calling me into full time prayer ministry with Him for 5 months.

Event (Feb. 2013): Led to a non-profit organization (HART) to work full time in reception/administration.
Lesson/Blessing: In accepting the position, God blessed me with a promotion prior to the end of my probationary period.

Event (Apr. 2013): Evangelism training for the Billy Graham My Hope Canada project at my home church.
Lesson/Blessing: God preparing my heart and spirit as well as blessing me with a short reunion with former colleagues and friends from the BGEAC.

Event (June 2013): Involved in a car accident, not of my fault, and sustained a minor whiplash and concussion.
Lesson/Blessing: God led me to the clinic that helped me with the pain of my recovery and blessed me with a return to pre-accident status (Dec. 2013) and freedom from some financial burden. He also helped me to make improvements in my life by reducing stress, adjusting my nutrition, and making changes to my existing exercise program. Doing all of these things brought me more wisdom, discernment, and understanding about my body and what it needs to stay well. This has all made me healthier and stronger!

This snapshot brings me to today, January 4, 2014 and the resurrection, as it were, of my blog. A time of sharing with all of you what the next step, Cuba, might look like. As some of you might know, Cuba is still very much a communist based country. Like many places under similar rule, communism tends to be oppressive, manipulative, and controlling with very few 'freedoms' to the people under that rule. 

Cuba is often thought of as a tourist destination with its tropical weather, white sandy beaches, and crystal clear blue water.There is, however, a dark side of immorality, spiritism/cults, and persecution against Christians.

Cuba has a thirst and hunger for the Gospel. A need to know Jesus Christ, not just to know OF Him. A country in need of people who are willing to go and speak the truth of the Gospel and make Jesus known to Cubans. I believe that I am to be one of those persons. I believe that my training in Costa Rica and the events of the past two years have been in preparation for God's reignited call to Cuba as of recent.

Of course seeing Cuba is a communist country, only those who are Cuban citizens can reside there permanently. Foreigners or non-citizens are restricted in their length of stay depending on where you're from. I believe as a Canadian, one could stay there as a tourist for up to 90 days at a time. 

At this point, I don't know what my time looks like in Cuba. I don't know the 'when's' or 'how's' of my start there and for how long God desires me to be connected to Cuba. I only know that most of it involves evangelism. Only God knows the timing and the logistical details. In the meantime, I have begun preliminary inquiries with a couple different people within organizations and am continuing to pray and wait on God for the details to be made known. I know that they will be in His timing.

There will be regular updates to you, my followers, supporters, and fellow prayer warriors. I am  hoping to do updates more often so as to keep them shorter in length. I'll share more as I know more. Until then, please join with me in prayer for the following:

- Please pray that God would continue to feed the fire that burns in my spirit to do His will until such time it becomes God's time for me to go to Cuba.
- Please pray that God would widely and clearly open the right door of opportunity in Cuba for me to enter into.
- Please pray that when the time comes for me to 'GO', that God would provide everything that I will need at that time. Whether it is finances, prayer, or otherwise, may God grant me a trusting heart.

Thank you everyone! 


  1. I am not a fun of God's timing at all either!But whenever i wanna jump the gun, am reminded of Job. How he endured, wow that man! Didnt he get the best of everything after? So who am i? May He give me strength, just like Jobs. Thanks for sharing Melissa.

    1. You've got that right! I truly admire Job mainly because he never cursed God or walked away from Him but he did question God and God replied, humbling Job.

      I feel the same as you do and thank God for keeping me from what I'm sure would have been disastrous if I forced my own way.

      Thanks for commenting!!