Sunday, August 7, 2011

Is That Really You, God??

Is that really You, LORD, God?
The still, small voice says, “Yes!”
My heart jumps with such delight,
As Your answer echoes within.

My every step is careful, LORD,
Ready to obey,
Longing just to do Your will,
And willing to go Your way.

For I know You will not leave me,
You will never leave my side,
For Your plan I’m sure to follow,
Both now and ever more.

Not always will the path,
Be filled with ease and joy,
For Your will is that I’m growing,
While I’m holding Your hand.

May my heart and eyes always be,
Affixed on You alone,
That I glorify Your name,
In all I do and say.

To this I will hold true,
With each new shining day,
It is my heart’s desire,
To follow You this way.

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