Sunday, July 10, 2011

Working for the Weekend

Well, as promised, I have some pictures of this weekend that, as a team, we enjoyed. It was fun and encouraging.

It also turns out that I have both felt like and told that I am the team 'Mother' as everyone in my DTS team is 16-20 years younger than myself and after church today, it became official...I guess, from a 17 year old guy in the group named Jimmy who, all of a sudden, let out a, "Hi, Mom!" to me as I exited the church. Mamma mia! Oh well, we'll see how being a mother to 12 others goes. I'm a bit afraid. LOL

Anyway, here is the first picture of our bonfire Friday night where we roasted marshmallows and sang songs around the campfire on base. It was part of our fellowship night of playing games and just hanging out on the base as a DTS team.

It was interesting as, that night, I was approached by one of the base staff, Pedro, who told me that he had a dream about me the prior night. I wasn't able to fully understand what he was telling me in Spanish, so I had one of my leaders translate. He went on to say, "Last night I had a dream about you. There was a tall staircase that reached to the heavens. You were on the first step and were wobbly, then you took the second step. Then as you kept going, you looked back and had a smile on your face and was happy. I see you climbing the rest of those steps to the top during your time here at YWAM. You will keep climbing and changing and overcoming a lot while you are here."

I couldn't help but start thanking him over and over again for that encouragement. When I first arrived here, I wasn't sure what my purpose in being here was, but now I do know, just after one week what it is and even though it is multi-layered, I am ready to surrender to God even MORE and have Him do in me whatever He wants to do!

The next picture is of our day at the beach, well beaches, as we visited two. The first was Playa del Jaco (Jaco Beach) and the picture after that is a beach called the Horseshoe but I forget how it's spelled in Spanish. hee hee They were both equally breathtaking and I just took everything in, being still and walking in the water from time to time to feel the cool water of the Pacific. Ahhhh!!

The final picture is that of the river that houses hundreds, perhaps, thousands of crocs! It was incredible how many of them there were! I snapped this picture with as many of them as I could in one shot but there were over twenty of them spread out when we were there! Wow! We were watching them from a bridge over the river and the rain happened to be pouring down on us so it was a short sightseeing venture.

One week down, many more to go! I've never been more ready for God to work in me and for me to be even CLOSER to Him! I know that it's going to be just as painful as it's going to be joyous. As I've said before, "God's best doesn't come without great sacrifice."

For those of you out there praying for me, pray for continued good health aside from my digestive system being thrown completely out of whack with different food being served here than I'm used to. Also, that God's drawing of me closer to Him would just continue, without any distractions. Amen and thank you all!!

Dios te bendiga!!

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  1. The pictures look amazing Melissa and what a great dream to be told about. God bless!