Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bits & Pieces

I know that many of you are waiting for pictures of this place and, perhaps, of some people and I had every intention on posting some of them. However, when I was taking pictures yesterday, I decided to look through my menu and see if I could improve some of the settings to get clearer pictures. One choice was to format my memory card. Apparently, formatting equals deletion and many treasured pictures I had taken in the first few days of arrival are now gone, as well as some treasured ones from home. SO....stay tuned.

For now, you'll just have to be satisfied with some bits and pieces in word form that have been filling my mind, heart and classroom time. I hope that you enjoy!!! These are my notes, my thoughts, my heartbeats!

Marriage is the union of two forgivers. A union of two people who have to change and grow through each season of their life together. I will forgive and forgive and forgive and love and love and love but I will NEVER leave you. I will NEVER forsake you and I will NEVER hurt you!

There is NO fear in love!!!!

You said You would challenge me,
You make the furrows deeper with every passing day,
You speak to my waiting heart,
I am stilled by your voice.
My love grows deeper while I'm waiting,
In the shadow of Your wings,
When You call my name,
I awaken and appear.
I sit at Your feet,
Waiting for Your words,
You speak in ways,
That reach my longing heart.
You break me free from this unquenched desire,
You lift me up to sing Your praise,
My lips they utter glory,
To Your eager ears.
"Come closer", I whisper,
You draw me nearer,
You capture me with your gaze,
I am wholly surrendered.

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