Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Becoming Less

Last night as I was doing a bit more packing and organizing, I suddenly realized that I had started to laugh OUT LOUD TO MYSELF! It was sparked by the knowlege that my life has now become reduced to three categories: 1) Things to put in storage, 2) Things to pay forward, and 3) Things to take to Costa Rica.

How can it be that I'm categories?? LOL Again, I laugh. As much as I know that I live a fairly simple life, not hoarding or pack ratting, I still find it a wee bit bizarre as I look at the boxes neatly stacked in anticipation of their final destinations.

But then, I'm humbled by the fact that God calls each of us to become less. Not only in the material things but also in the personal things. Like becoming less selfish or less greedy or less proud. God commands us, in fact, that if we want to follow Jesus, that we must die to ourselves and take up the cross.

So just as much as I am becoming less, materialistically, as days go forward, I find that I am becoming less, personally. Less concerned about the things that I am storing or paying forward to someone else who can use it so much more than I can. Less concerned about the vanity of having stuff and more concerned about having the inner strength of heart, mind and spirit to move into the many unknowns of Costa Rica. Kind of scary if I really want to sit down and think about it....which I can't say as I do, well I try not to.

I'd really rather put aside my own cares, anxieties and stresses all of which I have had, and focus on the main thing....following God. And keeping at the forefront of my mind, that no matter what, God will provide whatever it is I do and might need. And, hopefully, in the meantime??? I don't freak out TOO much about the reality of all of this. hee hee

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